Public Holidays 2018 – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NSW, QLD, SA, Malaysia

Hey, Friends! How are you all? It’s time for you all to plan your holidays for the upcoming year (2018) as we come up with the calendar which has the maximum number of searches i.e. Holidays calendar 2018. Here, we have shared the Public Holidays 2018 – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NSW, SA, Malaysia and many other countries. The Public Holidays Calendar one of the most important amongst others as through these calendars, people will able to make the long term planning for their holidays and therefore, they can make the schedule according to the list of the holidays.

Therefore, the Holiday Calendar 2018 will help the people a lot in making the prior commitments, prior planning, and they can set their schedule according to the list that is given in the holiday’s calendar of 2018. Before discussing about the Public Holidays 2018 – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NSW, SA, Malaysia, and many other countries, we will discuss about how these printable holiday’s calendars are useful for the people and why they need to prefer these public holidays calendar in place of other calendars.

How These Public Holiday’s Calendars for 2018 are helpful for people.

Generally, it is seen that people are searching for the calendars of public holidays in order to solve the different purposes. More often, people use to see the list of the Public Holidays so that they can make the list of the upcoming holidays of the year 2018. If they get the list of the public holidays in advance then, they can easily set everything according to the holidays.

Now, let’s have a look at the points that are given below which shows that why these calendars are helpful for people and why they need to use them.

  • They need to use the public holiday’s calendar as through these calendars, they can get the whole list of the holidays of 2018 which will help them to make the prior planning.
  • The another important factor of using the public holiday calendar of 2018 is that if people get the list of all the public holidays then, they can set a schedule according to that as they get to know about every public holiday.
  • The other benefit of the public holiday’s calendar is that they can make the prior bookings of the tickets and make the arrangements for everything in advance so that they cannot face any trouble at the time of their trip or journey.
  • The most important thing about the public holiday calendar is that if the people have this calendar then, they can easily make a printout of this and keep it with them so that they can mark all the important events and dates that are falling before, after and during the public holidays.
  • People can therefore, mark the important dates for the holidays and they can plan their trips according to that. There are many events that people have to attend and most of the time they can forget about those events. So, they can mark it on the printable calendar of 2018.

There are some of the things which shows the importance of the calendar of public holidays of 2018 and there are many people who have already using this calendar in order to make a better schedule for themselves and due to this, they get the prior knowledge and information of everything (every holiday) in advance due to which they can easily plan their schedule and if they need any leave from their work a part of these holidays then, they can apply for it in advance.

Thus, everything regarding the importance of the public holiday’s calendar is shared with you all. Now, let’s move forward and discuss the Public Holiday 2018 – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NSW, SA, Malaysia and many other different countries so, the people will understand better about the same.

Holidays 2018 USA

US Public Holiday’s 2018 is considered as one of the significant days for the United States people as everyone is excited about the holidays list so that they can easily get to know about the holidays and they can plan their schedules accordingly. Therefore, these public holidays 2018 calendar brings a relaxing ventures by which everyone can takes out the time from their busy schedules and they can manage their work and schedule according to that they can plan a long trip.

Therefore, the main and the most important objective of these public holiday lists are for people so that they can commemorate the public holidays that are issued by the government of nation in order to provide the benefits to people of the country. Therefore every country has different list of holidays and according to that people have to make the schedule for themselves and plan something better according to the list of the public holidays that are given in this article.

Generally, it is seen that people who are not aware about the holidays and if they get to know about them later then, they can think that if they already know about this holiday, then they can plan something for that and they can manage their official work according to the holiday’s list. Thus, 2018 holiday calendar tends to be very popular for the people as they can complete all of the work till that time and plan something better for themselves.

Therefore, a part of the planning’s and trips, people get to know about the different occasions and they can celebrate those occasions. Now days, people are very busy in their work and daily life and that is the reason why they forget everything else and due to this they cannot celebrate the festivals as they do not have any idea regarding that. There are also many people in the United States of America who do not have any idea regarding Columbus Day and they are wondering that whether there is Columbus Day a Federal Holiday or not.

We have therefore, try to provide every information regarding their doubts like many times people get confused about the exact dates and they do not know about Columbus Day will be a federal holiday or not. Yes, it is! The Columbus Day is a federal day which signifies an important day and on this day, the people of America can elaborate themselves and their knowledge and therefore, they can provide another set information to the natives of the United States. The another important thing is that the people of America would understand about the fact behind every holiday and very easily they can celebrate the occasions.

Therefore, many people are confused in the federal Holidays and they do not have any idea regarding that. The Federal holidays are those that are given to the people under the different days and there is a holiday calendar 2018 that will tend to be a greater significance and the user will get all the useful and important stuff in that. Therefore it is very important for the people to keep that public holiday calendar of 2018 from now as they will get every important and useful information regarding the public holidays and they can easily plan their schedule according to that.

The public holiday calendar 2018 of the United States contains the following important things which help people in doing their work and make their schedule. The important things are given below:

  • This calendar contains the list of all public holidays which will help the people of US to do their work effectively and plan a good schedule for those days.
  • This calendar provides the prior information to the people of the United States which will help them in making the plans in advance.
  • This Public Holiday Calendar 2018 for US contains various important dates which people should remember as they are the important dates for them and for their nation.
  • There will be a National Holiday Calendar That is given to them and there are many different important dates are mentioned on it.
  • There is a list of all the holidays that provides to people and people will have to mark those dates which they think are important for them and which seems to be the important according to the people.

These are some of the important things that people need to remember and therefore people need to remember that there will be holiday on labor day as many people ask that, Is Labor Day A Federal Holiday or not. Therefore now, everything regarding the Labor Day and other federal holidays information is provided here in this article. All the confusions of people will be resolved if they can see the public 2018 holiday calendar US as everything is mentioned in this article.

Now, there is a list of US Federal Holidays 2018 and people need to watch it carefully in order to remember all the necessary details regarding the public holidays of 2018. Let’s have a look at the list of US federal Holiday 2018 which is given below.



Date of Holidays  Name of Holiday Where It is Observed  Type of Holiday
Monday 1-Jan New Year’s Day Federal Holiday
Monday 1-Jan New Year’s Eve observed LA, MI, WI State holiday
Saturday 6-Jan Epiphany Christian
Sunday 7-Jan Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox
Friday 12-Jan Lee Jackson Day Virginia State holiday
Saturday 13-Jan Stephen Foster Memorial Day Observance
Sunday 14-Jan Orthodox New Year Orthodox
Monday 15-Jan Martin Luther King Jr. Day Federal Holiday
Monday 15-Jan Robert E Lee’s Birthday Alabama, Arkansas State holiday
Monday 15-Jan State Holiday Mississippi State holiday
Monday 15-Jan Idaho Human Rights Day Idaho State holiday
Monday 15-Jan Civil Rights Day Arizona, New Hampshire State holiday
Friday 19-Jan Robert E Lee’s Birthday Florida State holiday
Friday 19-Jan State Holiday Texas State holiday
Monday 29-Jan Kansas Day Observance
Wednesday 31-Jan Tu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat Jewish holiday
Thursday 1-Feb National Freedom Day Observance
Friday 2-Feb Groundhog Day Observance
Friday 2-Feb National Wear Red Day Observance
Sunday 4-Feb Rosa Parks Day California, Ohio Local observance
Monday 12-Feb Lincoln’s Birthday CT, IL, MO, NY State holiday
Monday 12-Feb Lincoln’s Birthday Florida Local observance
Tuesday 13-Feb Maha Shivaratri Hindu Holiday
Tuesday 13-Feb Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras Alabama, Louisiana State holiday
Tuesday 13-Feb Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras Observance
Tuesday 13-Feb Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras Florida Local observance
Wednesday 14-Feb Ash Wednesday Christian
Wednesday 14-Feb Valentine’s Day Observance
Wednesday 14-Feb Statehood Day in Arizona Arizona Local observance
Thursday 15-Feb Susan B Anthony’s Birthday CA, FL, NY, WI Local observance
Friday 16-Feb Chinese New Year Observance
Friday 16-Feb Elizabeth Peratrovich Day Alaska Local observance
Monday 19-Feb Presidents’ Day Federal Holiday
Monday 19-Feb Daisy Gatson Bates Day Arkansas State holiday
Wednesday 28-Feb Linus Pauling Day Oregon Local observance
Thursday 1-Mar Purim Jewish holiday
Thursday 1-Mar St. David’s Day Observance
Friday 2-Mar Holi Hindu Holiday
Friday 2-Mar Texas Independence Day Texas State holiday
Friday 2-Mar Read Across America Day Observance
Friday 2-Mar Employee Appreciation Day Observance
Monday 5-Mar Casimir Pulaski Day Illinois State holiday
Tuesday 6-Mar Town Meeting Day Vermont State holiday
Sunday 11-Mar Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Friday 16-Mar Evacuation Day observed Massachusetts State holiday
Saturday 17-Mar St. Patrick’s Day Observance
Saturday 17-Mar Evacuation Day Massachusetts State holiday
Tuesday 20-Mar March equinox Season
Sunday 25-Mar Palm Sunday Christian
Sunday 25-Mar Maryland Day Maryland Local observance
Monday 26-Mar Maryland Day observed Maryland Local observance
Monday 26-Mar Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day Hawaii State holiday
Monday 26-Mar Seward’s Day Alaska State holiday
Thursday 29-Mar Maundy Thursday Christian
Friday 30-Mar Good Friday 13 states State holiday
Saturday 31-Mar Holy Saturday Christian
Saturday 31-Mar Passover (first day) Jewish holiday
Saturday 31-Mar César Chávez Day CA, CO*, TX* State holiday
Sunday 1-Apr Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
Monday 2-Apr Easter Monday Christian
Monday 2-Apr Pascua Florida Day Florida Local observance
Friday 6-Apr Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox
Friday 6-Apr National Tartan Day Observance
Saturday 7-Apr Last Day of Passover Jewish holiday
Saturday 7-Apr Orthodox Holy Saturday Orthodox
Sunday 8-Apr Orthodox Easter Orthodox
Monday 9-Apr Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox
Tuesday 10-Apr National Library Workers’ Day Observance
Wednesday 11-Apr Yom HaShoah Jewish holiday
Friday 13-Apr Isra and Mi’raj Muslim
Friday 13-Apr Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday Observance
Sunday 15-Apr Father Damien Day Hawaii Local observance
Monday 16-Apr Emancipation Day District of Columbia State holiday
Monday 16-Apr Patriot’s Day Maine, Massachusetts State holiday
Tuesday 17-Apr Tax Day Observance
Thursday 19-Apr Yom Ha’atzmaut Jewish holiday
Saturday 21-Apr San Jacinto Day Texas State holiday
Sunday 22-Apr Oklahoma Day Oklahoma Local observance
Monday 23-Apr Confederate Memorial Day Alabama, Florida State holiday
Monday 23-Apr State Holiday Georgia State holiday
Wednesday 25-Apr Administrative Professionals Day Observance
Thursday 26-Apr State Holiday Florida Local observance
Thursday 26-Apr Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Observance
Friday 27-Apr Arbor Day Nebraska State holiday
Monday 30-Apr State Holiday Mississippi State holiday
Tuesday 1-May Law Day Observance
Tuesday 1-May Loyalty Day Observance
Tuesday 1-May Lei Day Hawaii Local observance
Thursday 3-May Lag BaOmer Jewish holiday
Thursday 3-May National Day of Prayer Observance
Friday 4-May Kent State Shootings Remembrance Ohio Local observance
Friday 4-May Rhode Island Independence Day Rhode Island Local observance
Saturday 5-May Cinco de Mayo Observance
Saturday 5-May National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day Observance
Sunday 6-May National Nurses Day Observance
Tuesday 8-May Truman Day Missouri State holiday
Tuesday 8-May Primary Election Day West Virginia West Virginia State holiday
Thursday 10-May Ascension Day Christian
Thursday 10-May Confederate Memorial Day North Carolina Local observance
Thursday 10-May State Holiday South Carolina State holiday
Friday 11-May Military Spouse Appreciation Day Observance
Sunday 13-May Mother’s Day Observance
Tuesday 15-May Peace Officers Memorial Day Observance
Wednesday 16-May Ramadan starts Muslim
Friday 18-May National Defense Transportation Day Observance
Saturday 19-May Armed Forces Day Observance
Sunday 20-May Pentecost Christian
Sunday 20-May Shavuot Jewish holiday
Monday 21-May Whit Monday Christian
Tuesday 22-May National Maritime Day Observance
Tuesday 22-May Harvey Milk Day California Local observance
Wednesday 23-May Emergency Medical Services for Children Day Observance
Friday 25-May National Missing Children’s Day Observance
Sunday 27-May Trinity Sunday Christian
Monday 28-May Memorial Day Federal Holiday
Monday 28-May Jefferson Davis Birthday Mississippi Local observance
Thursday 31-May Corpus Christi Christian
Friday 1-Jun Statehood Day Kentucky, Tennessee Local observance
Sunday 3-Jun Jefferson Davis Birthday Florida Local observance
Monday 4-Jun Jefferson Davis Birthday Alabama State holiday
Wednesday 6-Jun D-Day Observance
Sunday 10-Jun Lailat al-Qadr Muslim
Monday 11-Jun Kamehameha Day Hawaii State holiday
Thursday 14-Jun Army Birthday Observance
Thursday 14-Jun Flag Day Observance
Friday 15-Jun Eid al-Fitr Muslim
Sunday 17-Jun Father’s Day Observance
Sunday 17-Jun Bunker Hill Day Massachusetts State holiday
Monday 18-Jun Bunker Hill Day observed Massachusetts State holiday
Tuesday 19-Jun Juneteenth All except AZ, HI, MD, MP, MT, ND, NH, SD, TX, UT Local observance
Tuesday 19-Jun Emancipation Day Texas State holiday
Wednesday 20-Jun West Virginia Day West Virginia State holiday
Wednesday 20-Jun American Eagle Day Observance
Thursday 21-Jun June Solstice Season
Wednesday 4-Jul Independence Day Federal Holiday
Sunday 22-Jul Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday
Sunday 22-Jul Parents’ Day Observance
Tuesday 24-Jul Pioneer Day Utah State holiday
Friday 27-Jul National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Observance
Wednesday 1-Aug Colorado Day Colorado Local observance
Saturday 4-Aug Coast Guard Birthday Observance
Tuesday 7-Aug Purple Heart Day Observance
Monday 13-Aug Victory Day Rhode Island State holiday
Wednesday 15-Aug Assumption of Mary Christian
Thursday 16-Aug Bennington Battle Day Vermont State holiday
Friday 17-Aug Statehood Day in Hawaii Hawaii State holiday
Sunday 19-Aug National Aviation Day Observance
Tuesday 21-Aug Senior Citizens Day Observance
Wednesday 22-Aug Eid al-Adha Muslim
Saturday 25-Aug Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday
Sunday 26-Aug Women’s Equality Day Observance
Monday 27-Aug Lyndon Baines Johnson Day Texas State holiday
Sunday 2-Sep Janmashtami Hindu Holiday
Monday 3-Sep Labor Day Federal Holiday
8-Sep Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Observance
Saturday 9-Sep National Grandparents Day Observance
Sunday 9-Sep California Admission Day California Local observance
Sunday 10-Sep Rosh Hashana Texas State holiday
Monday 10-Sep Rosh Hashana Jewish holiday
Monday 11-Sep Patriot Day Observance
Tuesday 12-Sep Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
Wednesday 12-Sep Muharram Muslim
Wednesday 15-Sep National CleanUp Day Observance
Saturday 17-Sep Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Observance
Monday 18-Sep Air Force Birthday Observance
Tuesday 19-Sep Yom Kippur Texas State holiday
Wednesday 19-Sep Yom Kippur Jewish holiday
Wednesday 21-Sep National POW/MIA Recognition Day Observance
Friday 22-Sep Emancipation Day Ohio Local observance
Saturday 23-Sep September equinox Season
Sunday 24-Sep First Day of Sukkot Jewish holiday
Monday 28-Sep Native Americans’ Day California Local observance
Friday 30-Sep Last Day of Sukkot Jewish holiday
Sunday 30-Sep Gold Star Mother’s Day Observance
Sunday 1-Oct Shmini Atzeret Jewish holiday
Monday 1-Oct Child Health Day Observance
Monday 2-Oct Simchat Torah Jewish holiday
Tuesday 4-Oct Feast of St Francis of Assisi Christian
Thursday 8-Oct Columbus Day All except AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, HI, MI, MN, ND, NV, OR, SD, TX, VT, WA, WI, WY Federal Holiday
Monday 8-Oct Columbus Day Florida Local observance
Monday 8-Oct Native Americans’ Day South Dakota Local observance
Monday 8-Oct Indigenous People’s Day Alaska Local observance
Monday 8-Oct Indigenous People’s Day CA*, MN*, WA* Local observance
Monday 9-Oct Navaratri Hindu Holiday
Tuesday 9-Oct Leif Erikson Day Observance
Tuesday 13-Oct Navy Birthday Observance
Saturday 15-Oct White Cane Safety Day Observance
Monday 16-Oct Boss’s Day Observance
Tuesday 18-Oct Dussehra Hindu Holiday
Thursday 18-Oct Alaska Day Alaska State holiday
Thursday 20-Oct Sweetest Day 13 states Observance
Saturday 26-Oct Nevada Day Nevada State holiday
Friday 31-Oct Halloween Observance
Wednesday 1-Nov All Saints’ Day Christian
Thursday 2-Nov All Souls’ Day Christian
Friday 4-Nov Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Sunday 6-Nov Election Day 14 states State holiday
Tuesday 6-Nov Diwali/Deepavali Observance
Tuesday 8-Nov Return Day Delaware Delaware State holiday
Thursday 10-Nov Marine Corps Birthday Observance
Saturday 11-Nov Veterans Day Federal Holiday
Sunday 12-Nov Veterans Day observed Federal Holiday
Monday 21-Nov The Prophet’s Birthday Muslim
Wednesday 22-Nov Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday
Thursday 23-Nov State Holiday Georgia State holiday
Friday 23-Nov Presidents’ Day New Mexico State holiday
Friday 23-Nov Lincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s Day Indiana, West Virginia State holiday
Friday 23-Nov Black Friday 24 states State holiday
Friday 23-Nov American Indian Heritage Day Maryland State holiday
Friday 26-Nov Cyber Monday Observance
Monday 2-Dec First Sunday of Advent Christian
Sunday 3-Dec Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day) Jewish holiday
Monday 6-Dec St Nicholas’ Day Observance
Thursday 7-Dec Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Observance
Friday 8-Dec Feast of the Immaculate Conception Christian
Saturday 10-Dec Last Day of Chanukah Jewish holiday
Monday 12-Dec Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Observance
Wednesday 13-Dec National Guard Birthday Observance
Thursday 17-Dec Pan American Aviation Day Observance
Monday 17-Dec Wright Brothers Day KS*, LA, MI, NC, ND, OK, SC, TX, VA*, WI Observance
Monday 21-Dec December Solstice Season
Friday 24-Dec Christmas Eve Indiana State holiday
Monday 24-Dec Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
Monday 24-Dec Washington’s Birthday State holiday
Monday 25-Dec Christmas Day KS, KY, NC, NH, SC, TX Federal Holiday
Tuesday 26-Dec Kwanzaa (until Jan 1) LA, MI, WI Observance
Wednesday 26-Dec Day After Christmas Day State holiday
Wednesday 31-Dec New Year’s Eve State holiday
Monday 31-Dec New Year’s Eve Observance

Thus, people need to see the above-given list of Federal Holidays and they can also make the print out of this list so that they can mark the important dates and everything which is important to them according to their needs and wants.

Public Holidays UK 2018

Public Holidays UK 2018 has a list of the holidays that covered all the holidays such as Federal holiday 2018, Jewish Holiday 2018, Banks Holiday 2018, National Holiday 2018, and many other holidays which consists every holiday that consists of everything regarding the holidays of UK 2018. There are many events in the people life which they forget and therefore, they have to do the tasks of daily life in which they spend all their time and did not remember anything regarding that due to their busy schedules they can not able to remember everything so we have provided them the list of holidays which is given below.

1 January Monday New Year’s Day
30 March Friday Good Friday
2 April Monday Easter Monday
7 May Monday Early May bank holiday
28 May Monday Spring bank holiday
27 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Tuesday Christmas Day
26 December Wednesday Boxing Day

Canada Holiday 2018

Now, have a look at the Calendar of Canada Holiday 2018 which contains all the relevant information regarding the bank holidays 2018 and federal holidays 2018 which will help people in preparing their schedule. List of the Holidays is given below for the holiday of Canada for the year 2018.




Date Day
New Year’s Day January 1 Monday
Islander Day February 19 Monday
Louis Riel Day February 19 Monday
Heritage Day February 19 Monday
Family Day February 19 Monday
Valentine’s Day February 14 Wednesday
St. Patrick’s Day March 17 Saturday
Good Friday March 30 Friday
Easter Monday April 2 Monday
Mother’s Day May 13 Sunday
Victoria Day May 21 Monday
Father’s Day June 17 Sunday
Aboriginal Day June 21 Thursday
St. Jean Baptiste Day June 24 Sunday
Canada Day July 1 Sunday
Civic Holiday August 6 Monday
Labor Day September 3 Monday
Thanksgiving October 8 Monday
Halloween October 31 Wednesday
Remembrance Day November 11 Sunday
Christmas Day December 25 Tuesday
Boxing Day December 26 Wednesday

Australia Public Holidays 2018

let’s have a look at the 2018 National Holidays Australia calendar for the year 2018. It is generally seen that people did not remember each and everything regarding the holidays and they need a proper list of the  Federal holidays 2018 in order to remember each and every date and they can fix their schedule according to that. now, look at the table which is given below which contains post office holidays 2018 and many other holidays.

2018 Public Holidays Australia

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Mon New Year’s Day
10 Jan Wed Devonport Cup
26 Jan Fri Australia Day
12 Feb Mon Royal Hobart Regatta
28 Feb Wed Launceston Cup
5 Mar Mon Labor Day
6 Mar Tue King Island Show
12 Mar Mon Canberra Day
12 Mar Mon March Public Holiday
12 Mar Mon Eight Hours Day
12 Mar Mon Labor Day
30 Mar Fri Good Friday
31 Mar Sat Day following Good Friday
1 Apr Sun Easter
2 Apr Mon Easter
3 Apr Tue Easter Tuesday
25 Apr Wedesday Anzac Day
4 May Fri AGFEST
7 May Mon May Day
7 May Mon Labor Day
28 May Mon Reconciliation Day
4 Jun Mon Western Australia Day
11 Jun Mon Queen’s Birthday
29 Jun Fri Borroloola Show Day
6 Jul Fri Alice Springs Show Day
13 Jul Fri Tennant Creek Show Day
20 Jul Fri Katherine Show Day
27 Jul Fri Darwin Show Day
6 Aug Mon Picnic Day
15 Aug Wed Ekka Wednesday
24 Sep Mon Queen’s Birthday
1 Oct Mon Labor Day
1 Oct Mon Queen’s Birthday
5 Oct Fri Burnie Show
11 Oct Thu Royal Launceston Show
19 Oct Fri Flinders Island Show
25 Oct Thu Royal Hobart Show
5 Nov Monday Recreation Day
6 Nov Tuesday Melbourne Cup Day
30 Nov Friday Devonport Show
24 Dec Monday Christmas Eve *
25 Dec Tuesday Christmas Day
26 Dec Wednesday Boxing Day
26 Dec Wednesday Proclamation Day
31 Dec Monday New Year’s Eve

NSW Public Holidays 2018

Now, let’s proceed towards the NSW Public Holidays 2018 which contains each and every relevant information regarding the holiday of NSW for the year 2018. Due to this, people will get the help and they can get each and every important date of the holiday in advance so, they can easily plan the trip or schedule their any other plans for those days. now have a look at the list of the NSW Public Holidays 2018 which is given below.

Holiday Day Date
New Year’s Day Sunday Sunday 1 January
3Additional Day Monday 2 January
2Australia Day Thursday 26 January
Good Friday Friday 30 March
Easter Saturday Saturday 15 April
Easter Sunday Sunday 1 April
Easter Monday Monday 2 April
Anzac Day Tuesday 25 April
Queen’s Birthday Monday 11 June
1Bank Holiday Monday 6 August
Labor Day Monday 1 October
Christmas Day Monday 25 December
Boxing Day Tuesday 26 December

Public Holidays in SA 2018

The list of SA Public Holidays 2018 for the year 2018 is shared in this article and people will get the whole list of Holidays for 2018 which will help them to maintain their proper schedule and they have to work accordingly. now look at the list of the public holidays in South Austrailia 2018 which is given below.

School holidays 2018 SA

Date Day Holiday
1 January Monday New Year’s Day
26 January Friday Australia Day
12 March Monday March Public Holiday
30 March Friday Good Friday
31 March Saturday Easter Saturday
2 April Monday Easter Monday
25 April Wednesday ANZAC Day
11 June Monday Queen’s Birthday
1 October Monday Labor Day
24 December Monday Christmas Eve*
25 December Tuesday Christmas Day
26 December Wednesday Boxing Day / Proclamation Day
31 December Monday New Year’s Eve*

Malaysia Public Holidays 2018

Here we are going to share the list of the Public Holiday Malaysia 2018 and School holidays 2018 Malaysia people will have to look at all the relevant information and the date that is being given in the list and therefore, the people will get a great help if they will follow the same.

Date Day Holiday
Jan 1 Monday New Year’s Day Bank
Jan 31 Wednesday Thaipusam
Feb 1 Thursday Federal Territory Day
Feb 14 Wednesday Maha Shivaratri
Feb 16 Friday Valentine’s Day Observance
Feb 17 Saturday Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year
Mar 2 Friday Holi
Mar 20 Tuesday March equinox Season
Mar 30 Friday Good Friday
Apr 1 Sunday Easter Sunday
Apr 13 Friday Isra and Mi ‘raj
Apr 29 Sunday Wesak Day
May 1 Tuesday Labor Day
May 16 Wednesday Ramadan begins
May 30 Wednesday Harvest Festival
May 31 Thursday Harvest Festival Day 2
Jun 15 Friday Hari Raya Puasa Day 1
Jun 16 Saturday Hari Raya Puasa Day 2
Jun 21 Thursday June Solstice
Jul 7 Saturday Georgetown World Heritage City Day
Jul 14 Saturday Penang Governor’s Birthday
Jul 28 Saturday The Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s Birthday
Aug 22 Wednesday Hari Raya Haji
Aug 26 Sunday Raksha Bandhan
Aug 31 Friday Malaysia’s National Day
Sep 2 Sunday Janmashtami
Sep 12 Wednesday Muharram/New Year
Sep 13 Thuessday Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 16 Sunday Malaysia Day
Sep 23 Sunday equinox
Oct 10 Wednesday Navaratri
Oct 19 Friday Dussehra
Nov 7 Wednesday Diwali/Deepavali
Nov 21 Wednesday The Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
Dec 21 Friday December Solstice
Dec 24 Monday Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Tuesday Christmas Day
Dec 31 Monday New Year’s Eve Observance


QLD Public Holidays 2018

The Public Holiday of Queensland 2018 are just like those which we have already discussed under the category of Australia 2018 but the integration can be changed of both the countries and this will be depends on the type of the festivals which the people of both the countries celebrates. But a part of this, the 2018 holiday calendar for most of the sates in Australia are somehow similar to that of QLD.

Therefore, people can make most of their planning in advance if they get to know about the upcoming holidays. Thus, they can easily make the prior arrangements for those holidays in advance. Now, let’s have a look at the list of holidays of QLD for the year 2018.

QLD School Holidays 2018

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Mon New Year’s Day
26 Jan Fri Australia Day
30 Mar Fri Good Friday
31 Mar Sat Day following Good Friday
1 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
2 Apr Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr Wed Anzac Day
7 May Mon Labor Day
15 Aug Wed Ekka Wednesday
1 Oct Mon Queen’s Birthday
25 Dec Tue Christmas Day
26 Dec Wed Boxing Day



So, we have shared all the relevant information regarding the public holiday calendar and we have shared all the lists of the public holiday for different countries with the calendar of each country. Hope you like the article. Enjoy your holiday’s.